Libertas creative company
Documentary production
Our team provides the creation of documentary films, advertising, promo-trailers, presentation video. We accomplish the full cycle of production – from the synopsis to postproduction. Currently the Libertas creative company produces and making a documentary film "Ayurveda: The Treasure of Indian Kings" in South India, Kerala.

Research for a location on the shore of Indian ocean
Organization of media events
The first step in organization of any media event is to create a right informational reason for mass media. As our team are professional journalists we know what information attracts the most and with our clients create the most attractive reasons for reporters.

We have long-term contacts with conference halls in Moscow and major Russian cities. We accumulate and cut photo and video materials for events

If necessary, arrange an event on Mount Everest or organize a breakfast for the media on the grass in the middle of the remote taiga.

On the photo: one of organized press conference "8300. Point of no return". Russian climbers had executed an expedition to the Mount Everest in order to encapsulate the bodies of climbers who died in the "death zone".

the sport camp for alpinists, the altitude is 7000 meters
Russian alpinists cover with the tyvek material the body of slovenian alpinist Marko Lihteneker (1959 - 2005)
the covered body
Mass events and shows for children
Children's mass events are one of the most difficult kinds of events. They are subject to the most strict requirements. Emergency doctors, police, firefighters and other special services should be on duty at the site. Children should have enough toilets, drinking water, food. For them, the event or a show should become a real fairy tale. We cooperate with the best screenwriters, artists, teachers, artists and masters of Moscow, and together with them we transform the stage into a world of magic.

In the photo on the right: our company was one of the organizers of the children's holiday "Visiting the Patriarch" for 3000 guests.

In the photo below: our team company has become one of the main producers and organizers of the New Year performances for children at the GUM on Red Square in Moscow.

The creation of the concept and organization of exhibitions of pieces of art
Modern art, design, appearance, clothing. All aesthetically harmonious objects of our time would not have appeared without a historical heritage. We approach the organization of exhibitions of pieces of art with distinct thrilling and love. We arrange the exposition of ancient masterpieces with the use of modern presentation tools. The company provides the following services: transportation of pieces of art, customs support, insurance, installation, PR-support.

In the photo: one of the projects, an exhibition of masterpieces of ancient Russian painting from the private collection in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

The support of literature works publishing
A new branch of our company. This theme is fascinating. We act as mediators between authors and publishers and undertake all the promotional support of the published book: presentation, promotion in social networks, outdoor advertising. Our experienced redactors give advise to authors the way to improve their literature works.
About our team
Latin proverb In Arte Libertas means - Freedom is in art. I absolutely agree with it. First of all, we want each of our projects to become a piece of art and stay in memory for a long time. Then we think about the budget, and technical opportunities to realize our ideas.

We are a community of journalists, videographers, directors, artists, art managers, all people who agrees that art will save the world. For each project we form a cool team and perform it with pleasure.

See you soon!
The director of the company
Katya Vasina
Our contacts:
+79688671985, +971581157291
129090, Moscow, Botanichesky pereulok, 12-69
Sole Proprietor
Vasina Ekaterina Nikolaevna
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